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Volunteer at Radio Maria Canada

Volunteers actively participate in the evangelizing mission in the studios of Radio Maria Canada. They’re Christians dedicated to promoting our spiritual life and the salvation of the world. It is not personal gain or advancement that motivates them, but rather their love of Christ and His Mother. Together with our listeners, they work to address the financial needs of our station. More importantly, Radio Maria volunteers faithfully donate their time, talents and energy to develop programming and awareness in their local communities. Their contribution is a ministry to the Church and helps announce the good news that the Kingdom of God is come.

Consider Volunteering

Volunteers are needed on a regular basis to fill important roles in our organization:

  • Programming hosts, directors and producers
  • Office administrators and communicators (phone, emails etc.)
  • Technicans in our studios and off-site locations
  • Publicity and Fundraising
  • Parish Liaisons to promote Radio Maria Canada

Parish Liaisons

Parish liaisons connect our studios with your local parish. A single parish contact is certainly welcome and feasible. Ideally a Parish Representative would be supported by a small team (3-5) of parishioners that could include lay ministers (lectors, Eucharistic ministers, member of the choir, etc.) and representatives of parish groups (eg. Youth, Prayer Group etc.)

Responsibilities of the Parish Liaison

  • Inform the parish community of up-coming events at Radio Maria Canada
  • Update the News Team at Radio Maria Canada of special parish initiatives
  • Collect materials (e.g. pamphlets, envelopes) for parish distribution
  • Distribute, collect and return donation envelopes to Radio Maria Canada

Regional Representatives

Radio Maria Canada aims to serve Canadians in every part of this vast country. In order to reflect the diversity of Canada’s many peoples and communities, we need your input and ideas.  Contact us if you or your group would like to contribute to our programming in any way (eg. coordinating news and information for a specific region, city, institution or agency) or simply to discuss possibilities. All that’s needed is a telephone and computer!  We’d love to have your help extending this exciting media community.

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