The Father's Quilt


Weekly Radio Calling Show hosted by Christina Doyle.

Ms. Christina Doyle is a one of four rare bone cancer survivors in Canada. Through this journey, she became a professional motivational speaker, a country music recording artist. She is a retired elementary teacher from York Region District School Board and her first job was to teach sign language to students with verbal impairment. She has since lent her voice to numerous TV channels. Christina is married to her husband Gerry and they have 2 children.

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  • Do you have a cross that seems too heavy?
    In this episode Christina shares that we all carry a cross and sometimes life is just too much to deal with. She refers to the Surrender Novena that has been previously recorded in the archives of her program.
  • Saint Sharbel-Patron Saint of All Illness
    The story of Saint Sharbel who was a pious and submissive spirit who loved Blessed Mother and his solitude. Prayers and miracles are shared in this episode.
  • Introduction to St. Sharbel!!
    Who is St. Sharbel? Why should I pray to him, can he help me? Yes dear listeners he can! Listen and find out more about this incredible Saint.
  • How do I get through the dark days?
    Christina shares an important scripture- Rejoice, in the good and in days of suffering. How does one pray without ceasing?
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