Sunday Commentary - New Insights on the Gospel

Hosted by David Campbell

About the 'New Insights':

"New Insights on the Gospels" is a seven volume series of books and featured in the "Herald's of the Gospel" monthly magazine written by the "Founder of the Heralds of the Gospel", a group of pontifical right.  Msgr. Joao's insights make the Gospels accessible to all and offers knowledge, understanding, and wisdom that is often prophetic! And where does such an overflow of inspiration come from?  Msgr. Joao himself declared on more than one occasion:

"It often happens to me, when writing an article, that I do not know whee to begin or where to end. What will be my sources for research, from where will I draw information? Then I need only to turn to the Most Blessed Sacrament: 

'O Lord, this article is not mine, it is Yours; it is not I who will write it, I refuse to write it. I ask and implore that You accept this article, that You write it. You will compose this article, not I. Please, take over my intelligence, my will, my sensibility, my arm, my pen... everything is Yours!' "  

Why Now?

In today's world that places many demands on our time, often the quiet time to read a book is not found in the course of a day or week.

With this in mind, this collaborative of the Heralds of the Gospel and Radio Maria Canada is an opportunity to reach a vast audience who might not otherwise receive these elevated scriptural and doctrinal truths!  In these confusing times in which we live, there is a need for a guiding light, for true wisdom, all of which the author does with crystal clarity.