Dorothy Pilarski


Dorothy Pilarski is founder of Dynamic Women of Faith and, she is a Catholic wife, mom, author, blogger and business professional. She has worked with many Fortune 500 organizations, consulting and delivering seminars on a variety of topics. You can find out more about Dorothy by visiting
Dorothy worked closely with Salt + Light Media creating Mothering, Full of Grace, a television program for Catholic moms.

Her radio program, Dynamic Women of Faith, will inspire and motivate women in all walks of life. Dorothy will be interviewing guests, focusing on issues that affect Catholic women in their faith, family and work. Each program will have a segment dedicated to talking to Catholic moms in the Archdiocese of Toronto (and beyond) highlighting their experiences in a Catholic Moms Group.

Enjoy an hour filled to the brim with guests and inspiration celebrating the graces found in this month.

A note from Dorothy:

I certainly have been spending a lot of time on the radio lately! I was very excited when my first radio program was aired, April 2nd, 2014, on the anniversary of Blessed Pope John Paul’s passing!

Years ago, I wrote a letter to him and was delighted to receive a response from the Vatican on his behalf. I have always relished in the thought that Blessed Pope John Paul and I share the same birth date and that he has received a copy of my children’s book! ~ DP

If you have been touched in any way by this program, please let us know at