David gilbert


Band of Christian Brothers’ radio show seeks to embolden men to grow in faith and virtue, and to encourage each other in this pursuit. For men to realize their full potential and become the men God created them to be – Saints.

David Gilbert is the founder of Serviam Ministries and the Band of Christian Brothers men’s fraternity. After working in the corporate world of finance for several years David (along with his wife, Theresa) he was moved by the Holy Spirit to answer St. John Paul II’s call to a New Evangelization. The result was David sold their house and left their careers to start full time apostolate work in 2010.

Through his apostolate work David has been able to impact thousands through Serviam’s events and programs in the GTA and has reached hundreds of thousands online through his blogs, videos and website.

David is happily married to his wife, Theresa, and currently has 3 young children (and God willing more to come!)