Human Life Through the Lens of Christianity

Fr. Martín Mairena IVE

Fr. Martín Mairena IVE

About Fr. Martin 

I am a priest that belongs to the IVE (Institute of the Incarnate Word), I entered this order in 2005 after I discovered my vocation to the Priesthood one year earlier.

In September 2005, I moved to our In-House formation seminary at Washington DC, to start my formation to the priesthood.

I was ordained in 2014, at St. Augustine of Canterbury Parish at Jane and Finch. After my ordination to the priesthood, I have been missioning in Santa Rosa Mission, Moruca, Guyana, South America. And since October 2021, I have been reassigned to mission here in Canada.

Originally, I am from Matagalpa, Nicaragua, but since the age of 16, I moved to start a new life in Toronto, Canada, which became my second home.

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Program Description

We are making great advances in technology, science and social media connectedness. But there is one thing that is being ignored and malnourished, our soul. While technology, science, etc., is advancing, spirituality, or the food for the soul is in degradation. Our human soul has today, just as it had 2,000 years ago and will have 2,000 years into the future, the same need; not technology; not science; not social media, but God. This program is to bring God back to our lives; and to see technology, science, social media, etc., through the lens and under the light of Christ.