Jesus with Us - Reflections of Joy

Nick Mossa & Mariangela Artuso


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  • Choosing a Joyous Attitude
    The focus for this month’s program is ‘Choosing a Joyous Attitude’. We discuss what joy is, why we need it, what brings us joy, what can take it away, and steps to create a joyous attitude with Christ at the centre.
  • Journey from Lent to Easter, Now What?
    We discuss ways to continue to celebrate the Easter season.  We pray the Via Lucis (Way of Light), we talk about the meaning of the Holy Spirit and ways to celebrate Pentecost.
  • Lenten Journey
    In this program Mariangela and Nick discuss their Lenten journey leading to the Resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday. We pray the Stations of the cross and we talk about the meaning of the cross and crucifixion...
  • Lent
    The topic for March’s program is Lent. We talk about the history and importance of Lent. We look at how to prepare through prayer, fasting and almsgiving and focusing on what to do that will make one become closer to Jesus.