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Dante Alighieri Catholic Academy student Marcia Dubsky shares her views on living her faith at Radio Maria Canada.

Every action, and every decision that we make can cause a huge impact on the world around us. My unique experience with faith is not perfect. I am not perfect. However, every step that I take is about making a difference; and that’s how each one of us needs to live our faith today. My feelings are an expression of my faith, because every sign, detail and simple moments that I live on earth are part of my connection to others, and as such my connection to Christ.

My faith is not based on the things that people think I should do, but it comes naturally from the essence of my heart. I live my faith by following my natural instincts to help others and show kindness to those around me. My experiences as a volunteer at Good Shepherd Ministries has taught me I have a servant's heart and responsibility to treat my fellow human beings with compassion and humility. This is because each person motivates me to live my faith today. That person is a representation of God, just like we all are.

Marcia Dubsky


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