Exciting Programme Addition! “Give Me A Voice”


Radio Maria Canada announces new youth show 

“Give Me A Voice” joins well-loved Catholic programs in its October schedule

TORONTO, October 25, 2017 – Radio Maria Canada, a 24-hour Catholic radio station committed to being an ‘outstretched hand’ to all persons of good will, announces the addition of “Give Me a Voice” to its fall program schedule.

Airing on Tuesdays at 8 p.m., “Give Me a Voice” is a new show for youth that focuses on important issues that are near and dear to their hearts. Hosted by Chris Elliott and Teresa Lauzon, topics such as peer pressure will be discussed alongside fun banter on pop culture such as movies, music and fashion. 

“Teenagers are living in an ever-growing complex and challenging world,” says Father Charles Michael Grech, ofm, Editorial Director, Radio Maria Canada. “It’s more important now than ever to provide them a platform to discuss issues that affect their upbringing, morality and livelihood.”

Encouraging dialogue and community building, the radio station is currently extending an invitation to all high school students to take part as on-air panelists, reporters, and even production assistants.

Radio Maria continues to offer listeners the opportunity to send in prayer requests through the program “The Fathers Quilt.” Christina Doyle, host of the program, devotes time for prayers from listeners and broaches various important topics such as grief, forgiveness and the power of words – to name a few.

Another mainstay to the fall program schedule is “Sweetgrass,” which continues in its seventh month. Sweetgrass references a symbol sacred to many indigenous peoples in North America. The program, which airs on Mondays at 6 p.m., is dedicated to highlighting global social causes. Hosts Dianne Brassolotto and Sandy O’Handley interview people involved in environmental initiatives, those working for truth and reconciliation with First Nations in Canada, as well as others working in various charities around the world.

Popular call-in shows continue to occupy the 11 a.m. time slot with “Natural Medicine” on Mondays, “The Health Hub” on Tuesdays and “Straight from the Heart” on Wednesdays. Each program provides listeners with nutrition, lifestyle, relationship and/or medical news and advice to help keep them informed and empowered in order to make often-times difficult decisions in their lives. 

 “We recently launched our English programs, and the response from the community has been overwhelming,” says Father Charles. “These programs encourage listeners who may be in difficult moments of life to look with confidence to the future. We are continually humbled by the stories we hear, and we hope to continue to help people find the meaning of life in the light of the Good News of t-he Gospel of Jesus Christ. ”

Complementing the fall schedule are programs on scripture and doctrine, as well as news from the Vatican, masses from the community, daily rosary and prayer. 

As a registered charity, Radio Maria Canada is committed to its mission of spreading love, promoting the word of Christ and to touching the lives of people around the country and the world. 

Since 1995, Radio Maria Canada has provided daily programs in Italian and in English. In March 2017, the charity overhauled its English programming, providing English speaking listeners with a fresh, new, interactive approach to spreading the Word of God, broadcasting 24 hours a day from its Toronto studio. The voice of Radio Maria nourishes the faith of listeners and reaches out to those who are physically unable to leave their homes but feel God calling out to their hearts.

To learn more about Radio Maria or to listen live, 24/7, visit radiomaria.ca.

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