A Catholic Voice Wherever You Are

Director's Message

Radio Maria was born as an act of Christian love in northern Italy in 1987. Since then it has grown into an international radio network that reaches millions of people around the world. It is sustained exclusively by the work of thousands of volunteers and the contributions of its listeners. After lengthy and complex negotiations with the Canadian government, Radio Maria Canada began broadcasting in the GTA and southern Ontario in 1995 and in Montreal a year later.

The service of this Catholic radio station is invaluable. It is a light and beacon of hope to those overcome by despair and loneliness, to those who are housebound or hospitalized, to those forgotten and isolated in old age homes and prisons. Moreover, Radio Maria strengthens the Catholic faith throughout the community and extends the protective mantle of our Blessed Lady to all its listeners.  Radio Maria Canada is funded exclusively by the support of benefactors and listeners whose contributions sustain this ministry of love.

Every single day,  millions around the world and thousands in our wonderful nation access the voice of Radio Maria Canada wherever they are. For this reason, we humbly invite you to consider joining this journey of faith, hope and charity by becoming one of our financial benefactors. Together, we make a difference in the lives of many people and become a guiding light to those in our communities. Join Radio Maria Canada, "A Catholic Voice Wherever You Are”.

I want to thank each of you personally for your kind consideration, and hope to connect with you in the near future. God Bless all of you and may Mother Mary always accompany you and your loved ones in your journey to Christ.

Fr. Augusto Menichelli

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