Total Consecration To Jesus Through Mary

David & Farrah Campbell


David and Farrah Campbell are married and have a daughter. They are parishioners at St. Joseph the Worker Parish in Thornhill, Ontario and are cooperators of the Heralds of the Gospel, an international association of pontifical right. As members of the Heralds, they are called to “be instruments of sanctity in the church, helping its members to respond generously to the calling of the fullness of the Christian life” and by increasing devotion to the Eucharist, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and fidelity to the Roman Pontiff. The total consecration to Jesus through Mary as “slaves of love” by St. Louis de Montfort, is practiced by all of the members of the Heralds of the Gospel and has been taught by David and Farrah numerous times in parishes across the Archdiocese of Toronto.

Total Consecration to Jesus though Mary

“True Devotion to Mary” by St. Louis de Montfort is considered “the greatest book on the Blessed Virgin Mary ever written” and has been recommended practice by eight Popes. Saint Pope John Paul ll practiced this devotion to Mary and said this: “The reading of this book was a decisive turning point in my life.”

In this 8 week program, the course facilitators will guide you through the book True Devotion and help to prepare you over the final 33 days (starting between week 4 and 5) to make a total consecration as “slaves of love” to Jesus through the hands of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The 33 days will be a time of recollection and prayer to gain knowledge of self and the world, of Jesus Christ, and of Mary, Mother of God.

The first 3 Sessions Overview:

Week 1: September 09, 2017 – “Introduction to the Consecration to Jesus though Mary”

  • Who is the Blessed Virgin Mary really?
  • Who is St. Louis de Montfort and what is his “true devotion” to the Blessed Virgin Mary?
  • How is it that Mary will lead us to greater union with Jesus?
  • An introduction as to what to expect during the 8 week journey towards consecration

Week 2:  September 16, 2017 – “The Role of Our Lady in the harmony of the universe”

  • God created the universe in perfect gradation and hierarchy.
  • There is a gap between man and god and Mary is the “golden clasp” that unites all of creation to its creator, the perfect link between humanity and divinity
  • What was the role of Our Lady at the time of the incarnation and what is her ongoing rolein the salvation of souls?

Week 3:  September 23, 2017 – “Everyone is called the vocation of sanctity”

  • Sanctity is the call to holiness. “You shall be holy, because I am holy”.
  • Why did God create man? What is our purpose in this life?
  • Human nature changed after original sin causing disorder in the soul leaving our will and intelligence subject to our sensibilities – so now what?
  • This coming week ahead we will begin the 33 days of preparation for consecration on April 10th as we lead up to the day of consecration on May 13th


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